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Jun 2011

Energy Corporation of America (ECA) Breaks Ground With New Bi-Fuel Rig

ECA, in conjunction with Helmerich and Payne International Drilling Contractors (H&P), has successfully employed a bi-fuel power system on a rig drilling in the Marcellus Shale. H&P Rig #284 is drilling for ECA in Greene County, PA and already utilizes low impact pad drilling which complements the use of bi-fuel technology. Bi-fuel systems are capable of running off two fuels and have the ability to switch from diesel to a natural gas/diesel blend when drilling a well. There are currently 108 horizontal rigs operating in the state of Pennsylvania and we believe that our rig is the only one running on a combination of natural gas and diesel. This particular rig, H&P Rig 284 (see picture), is powered by a blend of natural gas (50%) and diesel fuel (50%) and has provided ECA with a cleaner and safer alternative to drilling our wells. read more