About Us

Our mission is to increase the worth of the stakeholders of the corporation through the efficient, ethical, and profitable discovery, development, production, transportation, and marketing of natural gas and oil. We own and operate approximately 4,600 wells, 5,000 miles of pipeline, and 1,000,000 acres in North America alone. We are also deeply committed to our employees and their families, with benefits at ECA including profit sharing, a stock ownership program, funding for continued education, and an award-winning wellness program.

ECA’s stakeholders are: our employees, shareholders, customers, vendors, and our communities and environment.

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Front row, left to right:

F. H. McCullough III Director

Julie Mork Director

Thomas R. Goodwin Chairman

Gaston Caperton Director

L. B. "Buck" Curtis Chairman Emeritus

Back row, left to right:

John Fischer Director

Jim Markowsky Director

Jay Pifer Director

John Mork Chief Executive Officer

Peter H. Coors Director

Jerry Neely Director

Donald C. Supcoe Executive Vice President & General Counsel

Kyle M. Mork Chief Operations Officer


John Mork President and Chief Executive Officer

Michael S. Fletcher Chief Financial Officer

Kyle M. Mork Chief Operations Officer

Donald C. Supcoe Executive Vice President & General Counsel

Dennis L. McGowan Senior Vice President

J. Michael Forbes Vice President & Treasurer

Randall Farkosh Vice President of Marketing

David E. Jordan Vice President of Information Technology

George V. O’Malley Vice President of Accounting

Peter A. Sullivan Vice President of Exploration

Julie Ann Kitano Assistant Secretary